Kyle Kuzma Reveals His True Feelings About LeBron James, Lakers After Wizards Trade

Kyle Kuzma and LeBron James parted ways with LeBron James after the Los Angeles Lakers traded him to the Washington Wizards. A lot of people thought that Kuzma would hate anything related to his former team. People got really worried when Kuzma shared a photo of Kobe Bryant, calling him the greatest of all time. This happened right after the big trade.

Well, Kuzma decided to put an end to all the rumors during his appearance on Gilbert Arenas’ No Chill podcast. What do you think? Will Kuzma hold any grudges?


“It’s all love. All love for sure,” Kuzma said. “A couple of days after I got traded, we were hanging out, chilling or whatever.

“I came in as a Laker that’s all I know. It was family from the jump. And even leaving, it was still family. You know getting calls or texts from Jeanie or Rob or equipment managers or people that work the front gate. Everyone is like, ‘Hope you have a successful career. You’re doing this and that.’ So no bitterness, no nothing for sure.”

Kyle Kuzma made great memories with LeBron James

The former Laker says he is really close with the team and we got the point. Kuzma learned a lot from his former team. Spending time around LeBron sure means a thing. LeBron is the greatest mentor of all time. Young players look up to him.

Kuzma wasn’t really awesome during his time with LeBron. He was good at the beginning of his stint with the team, but failed to perform at a high level. He really hoped to become the third player behind LeBron and Anthony Davis. It didn’t happen and his inconsistency was a big problem. One night he was great, and he struggled in the next one.

Things got even worse in the playoffs. Kuzma didn’t even provide any great numbers.

In his post-trade post, Kuzma said he was off to a fresh start. He mentioned something like spreading his wings somewhere else. He has a chance to do something with his new team.