LeBron James Offers Priceless Answer When Asked About Lakers Fans’ Trust And Loyalty

LeBron James sighed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, and will soon have his debut with the team. Being part of the Lakers family means getting another chance of winning more awards.

The former Cleveland Cavalier decided to go straight to Los Angeles on the first day of his free agency. The Lakers fans were thrilled to see the big star joining their favorite team, including those who were still craving for Kobe Bryant’s game.

Everyone was so interested in LeBron’s final decision, and seeing him arrive in the big city is a dream come true. He had his first practice with the team, and he even said that he doesn’t need a practice game at this point of his career. Well, we understand that. LeBron will play in the opening game, and the tickets are already sold.

So, reporters wanted to know if LeBron would do anything to earn Lakers fans’ support. The king of basketball was surprised to hear this question, especially because he already signed the deal with the team.

Maybe the reporters were referring to those who destroyed LeBron’s murals in Los Angeles.

LeBron isn’t worried about his fans. He signed a contract with the Lakers, and that’s the only proof he can give at the moment. He earned people’s loyalty at the very same moment he signed the contract.

“LeBron, the L.A. fanbase — how to you expect to earn their trust and their loyalty?” the reporter asked.

“Who, me? Me? Huh?” the king was surprised.

“Just, what do you say to the fans who want to see you earn their respect?” the reporter made the question a bit clearer.

“I signed a four-year deal. What do you want me to do?” King James said.

That’s a good answer. Maybe people will finally become aware of LeBron’s role in the team.

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