LeBron James Responds Dryly To Reporter Asking Him About Wearing No. 6

LeBron James has been sporting No. 6 in practice for years. We saw him wearing it when he decamped the Cavaliers for the Miami Heat in 2010. He wore the number on the actual jersey when playing in games and stuff.

We can already guess the reasons LeBron has for wearing No. 6. You can even google them! Well, you don’t have to. Just keep reading, and we will sum them up for you. When reporters asked him about the big switch in 2010, the king of basketball said it was because it’s actually the number of Julius Erving. Dr. J wore No. 6 during his time with the Philadelphia 76ers in the period between 1977 and 1987. LeBron wears this number because LeBron James Jr. was born in October 6, and his younger son Bryce Maximus is born in the sixth month of the year. Should we add more?

“Is there any reason why you’re wearing No. 6?” reporters asked.

“I’ve worn 6 in practice for a long time. I’m starting to figure out a lot of you guys just not recognizing who I am, huh?” LeBron was intrigued by the question.

Well, it sure seems like reporter forgot about his background. LeBron got a bunch of awkward questions like the one about earning Lakers’ fans loyalty.

When reporters hit him with this question, LeBron just said that he signed a four-game contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, adding that he can’t do much more than that. And yes, he’s right. Why are reporters asking such questions? Do they know who are they talking to? It’s LeBron James. King James. The NBA star. If LeBron was easily frustrated by such behavior, he’d view these questions as an insult or provocation. However, the king from Akron is pretty much down to Earth, and he’s fine with the whole situation.

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