LeBron James Supports Gradual Rebuild For Lakers With Long-Term Commitment

LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers for a reason, and he’s definitely bringing the team to the NBA Finals. The king of basketball committed to the Lakers over the long-term in order to embrace the process he knew the team would have to take part in.

LeBron realized that the Lakers won’t have the power to contend for a title in his debut season. However, there are so many seasons in his prime, and the team will make it somehow. King James was challenged by the media in several occasions this weak in order to set the parameters for the upcoming season. “I don’t expect anything. The unknown is what to expect. You work for what you want,” LeBron said.

The team has already had the second day of practice. Head coach Luke Walton is still working on his workbook, but he has a great idea for most of the plays in the season.

Kobe Bryant retired in 2016, and the Lakers now have a superstar to throw the ball to. LeBron James is in town, and the Lakers can finally start making game plans for the season.

“When you get to the end of a game, that is what max players make max money for, that is what they do. I can comfortably say that LeBron will be our first option at the end of ballgames if it’s close,” Walton said after the team’s second day of practice.

The Lakers didn’t have much luck in the last few seasons, and things went downhill since Bryant’s retirement. But, everything will be better now that the king is in the team. The Lakers finally have a chance to become contenders, and that means a lot for the organization. LeBron promised to help his young teammates in the process, and he will need the veterans’ help in that one.

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