McCourty Twins Share Horror Stories Of Having To Cover Josh Gordon (Video)

The New England Patriots didn’t talk much about the addition of Josh Gordon to the active roster. However, the McCourty twins decided to give us a closer look to their game with Gordon.

Devin and Jason McCourty talked about Gordon on last week’s “Double Coverage with The McCourty Twins” podcast.

Jason played with Gordon last season with the Cleveland Browns, and recalled his first practice against the 6-foot-3 wideout.

“For me, he showed up to work on time every day. Obviously, from a talent standpoint, I remember the first week he came back, he couldn’t play that week, so he was a scout team receiver. Getting ready to play Cincinnati, in that game I was matched up to follow A.J. Green around the field. I remember I sent you a clip. They threw a fade up, and (Gordon) caught the ball right on top of my helmet like it was nothing and kept it going,” Jason said.

Devin didn’t have an easy task covering the wideout in 2013 when he was able to catch seven passes for 151 yards and a touchdown. “An extremely talented guy. We played him in ’13, I think he finished with over 100 yards, he had an 80-yard touchdown. I was closing but buddy can run a little bit. I didn’t catch him, but I was running,” Devin said.

“He was a joy to be around last year. Just seemed like he was eager and ready to put the past behind him and move forward in his career, so it will be exciting to see what role he can carve out here. I think he’s just looking forward to playing football, an opportunity to play with some other talented players on offense, so I think that’s the most important thing,” Jason praised Gordon.

The brothers are definitely happy to have Gordon in the team, and they believe that the Patriots will make the wideout feel at home.

“I know every time we get a player here it’s like a huge story and then obviously with some of the things Josh Gordon has gone through, people will throw out all kind of things. I’m excited to get him there. I know we have a great group of guys in the locker room, so I think that’s always a plus. Even when you came in, and you’ve been a captain before, you’ve been a leader, but I think even coming in our locker room, you see that,” Devin added.

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