Photos: LeBron James Reveals His Favorite Nike LeBron 16

LeBron James signed a lifelong deal with Nike, and we’re already seeing the results of this partnership. The king of basketball helped Nike to release the LeBron shoes line, and he already has a favorite. Have you seen the latest Nike LeBron 16 sneaker?

Nike decided to save the best of the LeBron 16 “1 thru 5” for last. Well, that’s according to Bron’s personal choice and taste. If you ask the King about his favorite show, he will say it’s the “I Promise” colorway. That’s his personal favorite.

The shoe was inspired by LeBron’s kids and the I Promise school he opened in his hometown Akron, Ohio.
The sneaker features a black Battleknit 2.0 upper with an array of nice colors on the underlay and the outsole that honor his family. The WE ARE FAMILY message is written on the triangular leather heel wrap. The iteration represents the Center position which is actually LeBron’s role in the family. It’s also the pillar of hope for Akron.

The Nike LeBron 16 I Promise will be released this Holiday season, and the LeBron 16 King version will be worn on the opening night.

LeBron has triggered an avalanche of comments with the last contract he signed, and the release of his shoes only adds fuel to the fire. The shoes are great, and every LeBron fan is “dying” to have them.

Owning a pair of LeBron 16 is a way of expressing one’s love for the basketball and the king’s game. Although Nike was followed by numerous controversies after the Colin Kaepernick campaign, the LeBron 16 are everyone’s favorite. Everybody was waiting for their release this September. They are out now, and we can all admire the good work of the designers. LeBron knew what he was asking for, and he made a magnificent shoe.

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