Report: LeBron James Still Has Huge Plans For Ohio

LeBron James will enter history as one of the greatest basketball players of all times. He spent ten years with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and decided to bake a bold move forward. The king of basketball left Cleveland, and flew straight to Los Angeles. Many thought he had broken ties with Ohio, but it seems like LeBron has other plans on his mind.

The Western Conference became his target, and LeBron signed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. His team was left in shock, but nobody was angry at LeBron. He helped them win a championship after all. Latest reports confirm that LeBron isn’t finished with his hometown Akron, Ohio.

LeBron loves his hometown, and he has been helping those in need. For many people LeBron is still the most powerful figure in the community. Marisa Guthrie of The Hollywood Report reported that LeBron will actually spend his summers in Akron.

“Moreover, he’s not leaving Cleveland entirely. He says his charitable foundation will remain in Akron. And he has no plans to unload his Akron estate (there isn’t much of a market for a 30,000-square-foot, $10 million home in northeast Ohio). In fact, he says, he plans to summer there,” Guthrie said.

So, what makes the king of basketball still love Akron? It’s probably the weather. Summers in Akron are nice, but the winters are a bit harsh. What’s better than a winter in California?

LeBron left Cleveland for the second time in his career. He has huge plans for his professional career. Being the king of basketball means that you will always look for extra awards, and LeBron deserves each of those. His game is brilliant, and the Lakers will sure use his talent to get to the NBA Finals. This will be a season to remember, that’s a sure bet.

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