Watch: Jimmy Garoppolo Carted Off The Field Due To Injury

The San Francisco 49ers were left without a few players during today’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The players left the field due to injuries, and cornerback Richard Sherman was one of them. However, the 49ers are super concerned about the injury of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

The San Francisco 49ers were trailing 38-24, and Jimmy Garoppolo took off running on a third-and-20. He received a hit on the sideline from Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Steven Nelson. However, it wasn’t Nelson the one who hurt the quarterback. Garoppolo landed on his knee during the run, and trainers were focused on that injury after he left the field. It was so bad that the quarterback had to be carted off the field after trainers checked his injury.

Garoppolo’s team was in the midst of a long drive at the time of the injury. G.J Beathard was put on the quarterback’s position and managed to connect with George Kittle in the end zone. This brought a touchdown on a fourth down pass. However, the play was called back after judges confirmed the offensive pass interference. San Francisco settled for Robbie Gould’s field goal to make the winning score 38-27.

Garoppolo inked a five-year contract worth $137.5 million. The team’s manager John Lynch was focused on the decision in February, and Garoppolo had his contract signed despite his limited NFL experience.

“I think Kyle and I spent a lot of time, as I said, just observing the person, watching the way he interacted with his teammates, watching the way they responded to him, and for me, there’s never any assurances. But there are qualities that the really good players in this league — the great players in this league — that they share, and he demonstrated a lot. Was it a short sample size? Sure, but it was convincing,” Lynch said of the quarterback.

We will keep you updated on Garoppolo’s condition.

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