Look: Cavs Find Creative Way To Reuse LeBron’s Old Locker

LeBron James left Cleveland after playing 11 seasons in two stings with the team. He signed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, and decided to give his best in the Western Conference. The Cleveland Cavaliers were not really mad at him, because King James actually helped them win a championship. However, their plans with LeBron’s old locker came like a shock to all the LeBron fans out there.

First, the Cleveland Cavaliers replaced the giant Nike banner featuring LeBron with a banner of their own. Now they have redesigned the locker room in Quicken Loans Arena, and turned LeBron’s old locker into a towel closet. The information was confirmed by The Athletic’s Joe Vardon, and he put the Internet on fire after tweeting his opinion on the change.

Why did the Cleveland Cavaliers use the spaces LeBron left behind in this way? Vardon tried to note that it was just a redesign thing, but…

“Technically, the LeBron spot is now a towel closet,” he tweeted. “Hey, everyone, from @BleacherReport on down, let’s take it easy on the LeBron locker stuff. As I said, it’s an entirely new locker room with a totally new design,” Vardon tried to fix the damage his tweet caused.

“Any suggestions that the Cavs intentionally turned LeBron’s locker into a towel closet is untrue. No one’s locker remained from the old format @BleacherReport. In the old design, LeBron’s locker was in that corner, but there weren’t a row of lockers down the side,” he added.

LeBron left the Cavs after bringing Cleveland its first professional sports title since 1964. The team came back from a 3-1 deficit against the Golden State Warriors in 2016.

King James will return to Cleveland in November, and will face his former teammates for the first time since leaving this offseason. That will be a game worth watching.

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