Gisele Reveals The Reason She Cried Before Her First Major Fashion Show, And It Wasn’t Out of Happiness

Gisele Bündchen is one of the greatest supermodels of all times. She has been the star of over 600 fashion shows, and she was a brilliant model for 20 years. The supermodel released her new memoir, Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life, and shared juicy details of her first major fashion show. It was far from a positive experience.

Yes, Gisele cried before Alexander McQueen show in 1998. It was first international event, and according to sources, the supermodel could not believe that she was chosen for the show. However, the excitement disappeared at the very same moment she saw her first look. A skirt. That’s all.

The first thing she asked was “Where’s the top?” Gisele asked someone and that person told her that she did not have anything else to wear in the combination. The supermodel started to cry, and was afraid of the possible disappointment.

“I was a good girl. I was a tomboy. I was someone whose big breasts had embarrassed her since she’d hit puberty. I was a girl gripped by the fear that my family would feel so embarrassed they would never speak to me again. I was terrified,” Gisele wrote.

“As soon as Val, the makeup artist, saw the situation, she said she would paint a top on me using white makeup… Val told me how beautiful it looked and said that the runway was so dark nobody would know. No one could tell what was rain and what was tears.”

Gisele also wrote that her family never saw the pictures of the show. She also credits Alexander McQueen as one of the greatest jumping-off points of her career.

Gisele is not the only model to cry after being confronted with the idea of walking topless. Kate Moss had a similar experience. Being a supermodel comes with a price.

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