LeBron James Jr.’s Favorite Player Isn’t Even His Own Father

Is LeBron James disappointed by the fact that he is not Bronny’s favorite basketball player? LeBron James Jr. is really interested in basketball, and he decided to follow his father’s footsteps.

However, King James is not Bronny’s favorite basketball player. Well, it is really hard to understand that because LeBron is the ultimate athlete. Bronny sure respects his father, but he is fascinated with another player.
Bronny said that his favorite player is Russell Westbrook. That’s why he chose to wear number 0 instead of LeBron’s famous 23.

Here’s another shocking info. LeBron’s younger son Bryce Maximus really likes Stephen Curry. Yes, the kid chose the Warrior over his father, and he is wearing number 30.

Let’s not forget that LeBron is really supportive, and he will respect his sons’ decisions and dreams. In one occasion, LeBron said that he will love to see his sons becoming successful men, and they have great chances of becoming popular athletes. Bronny is already winning championships, and he will probably join the NBA in a few years.

Let’s not forget that LeBron regrets naming his son LeBron James Jr. He does not accept the fact that his kids will be compared to him. LeBron would do anything to give his sons everything he did not have as a child. King James was raised by a single mom, and his father was never around. That’s why he spend every bit of his free time with his sons.

Several months ago, LeBron said that he will really like sharing the same basketball court with his son. That’s actually possible, because Bronny will probably join the league within a few years. It will be awesome to see the father-and-son duo winning championships. But, now that we know that Bronny likes Westbrook, maybe we should start getting used to the possibility that he joins a different team.

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