LeBron Sounds Off on Lakers-Warriors ‘Rivalry’ (Video)

LeBron James knew that reporters will keep asking stupid questions at the very same moment he signed his four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. The NBA star will have to face another round of “Dumb Questions for LeBron,” and this time he was hit by the alleged Lakers-Warriors rivalry.

If you ask LeBron, he will say that there is no such thing as Lakers-Warriors rivalry. This is something people came up with just to add fuel to the fire. The regular season is about to start, and LeBron does not have time for nonexistent rivalries and stuff. He respects other teams, and came to Los Angeles to do what he knows best – play ball.

Being part of the Western Conference is a big deal for King James, and he is getting ready for the upcoming challenge. He was producing in the preseason despite the fact that he did not even need this “rehearsal.” LeBron knows his job, and he is definitely ready to win.

Last time reporters asked questions, LeBron felt a bit frustrated when one of them asked if he has something more to do to gain the trust of Lakers fans. I mean, the man signed a contract with the team, and there is nothing else he can do until the regular season starts.

The Los Angeles Lakers are ready to roll. They may not be considered contenders, but that can easily change now that LeBron is one the team.

The Golden State Warriors will be a huge bite for the young core in L.A., but LeBron trust his teammates. Those young talents can do a lot more than you can even imagine. The team lost a few games in the preseason, but they are warming up. This is just the beginning of the war, and they are not ready to lose it.

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