Watch: Bill Belichick Completely Owns Reporter Asking Moronic Chiefs Question

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick does not really talk about upcoming games. He does not even praise his players. But, the Patriots head coach sure knows how to shut down a reporter after receiving a dumb question. That’s exactly what happened on Wednesday. A reporter asked the head coach about the upcoming game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Belichick did not like the attitude at all. Well, we know that the head coach does not really tolerate ignorant questions. He even has this grouchy attitude during press conferences. We can freely say that he does not like media appearances, but that is part of the job. So, Belichick was asked if the game against the Chiefs is for the top seed in the AFC. The head coach had zero tolerance, and shut down the question. “It feels like were playing Kansas City,” he said.

Read it again, and you will notice that Belichick used one of the most frequent lines out of his media appearance playbook. The head coach is not really an active believer in storylines fueled by members of the media.

In 2014, Belichick did not provide an in-depth analysis on questions about the Patriots’ low start to the season. New England lost the game to the Chiefs, and Belichick did not say a word. The only thing he said was “We’re on to Cincinnati,” and that’s pretty much the only answer he had to every question reporters asked.

The Patriots are playing their Week 6 game against the Chiefs, and this is undoubtedly one of the most important matchups in the regular season. The fact that Kansas City is undefeated had nothing on Belichick, and he said that the team is just “fortunate” to get those extra days and get ready for the Chiefs. That’s a typical Belichick answer.

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