Watch: Patrick Mahomes Comments On Facing Brady Head-To-Head Sunday Night

“Let’s play some serious football.” This is probably the most common line in the New England Patriots locker room. The same applies to the Kansas City Chiefs. Both teams are getting ready for their Week 6 matchup, and Patrick Mahomes is ready to challenge Tom Brady and the other Patriots.

Patrick Mahomes is the player you can easily fall in love with at the moment. He is the star of the league, and fans are raging for his clean game. Mahomes may not have Brady’s experience, but he sure has the courage to say that he is ready for the Brady challenge. The player expressed his excitement about the upcoming game. Well, he better get ready for the big game, because the Patriots will not take anything less than a win. Simple as that.


“We’re just giving away too many scoring opportunities and that’s limiting our points. I mean, I thought we should have put 52 out there, at least. Maybe more. When we’re playing a team like Kansas City, you know we’ve got to take advantage of every scoring opportunity because we know they are. They’ve proven over five weeks they can distribute the ball, and the guys they’re distributing to are getting the ball in the end zone. We’re going to have to match that. … There’s not a lot of margin for error for a team that’s 5-0,” Brady said during his appearance on WEEI’s Kirk and Callahan on Monday.

If you ask Stephen A. Smith, he will say that he really prefers Brady over the unexperienced quarterback. Wow. Is this a compliment for Brady?

The Sunday matchup will be huge, and it is already making headlines. The Patriots are ready for the big challenge, and they know that it will be tough. Let’s hope that the team will not be plagued by another injury.

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