Gronkowski Gives Boston Fans Amazing Advice For Patriots-Red Sox Conflict

The Boston fans have a serious problem on their hands. It seems like Rob Gronkowski has the solution for that.

Earlier this week, the Red Sox eliminated the New York Yankees in the ALDS, and are ready for the American League Championship Series against the Houston Astros. Game 1 is taking place at Fenway Park on Saturday at 8:09 p.m. ET. Chris Sale is ready to take the hill, and the real problem is associated with the Game 2. The first pitch in that game is taking place on Sunday at 7:09 p.m. ET. It is happening at the same time as the New England Patriots’ Sunday Night Football game against the Kansas City Chiefs. What should Boston fans do? Let’s see what will Rob Gronkowski say about this.

“I mean, that’s pretty nuts. But you know Boston sports fans, they’re going to have two TVs. The Red Sox game right there and the Patriots game right there and you know, probably halftime of our game, the Red Sox game will be up or something. You’ve got to give them credit. Our fans, those Boston fans, New England fans, they’re die-hard fans. Not just for football but for every sport around here. So you know they’ll find a way to watch both,” Gronk said.
This is the 26th time since 2002 that the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics or Bruins are making to the final four in their group.

“I mean, they won the first round that they needed to. I don’t get the chance to really catch it all, see a couple innings here and there but it’s just spectacular how they’re playing just together as a team and putting up the runs they need and just cool to see them just keep succeeding the way they’re doing,” Gronkowski said about the success of the Red Sox.

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