LeBron James Sets Internet on Fire By Posting Zhuri’s Fashion Style

LeBron James’s daughter Zhuri Nova may be 3, but she can already dress herself, and her fashion style is more than amazing. Zhuri keeps making her way to headlines, and her parents must be proud of their little girl.

Zhuri has great parents, and she can really learn a lot from them, and her fashion style confirms that. The proud father posted a pic of his cute girl, and she looks great. Zhuri did not need any help to dress herself.

The baby in the James family is really smart, and she has developed a sense of fashion. LeBron is amazed with the fact that his kids grow really fast. And yes, Zhuri is super confident about her looks.

LeBron’s little girl wears a stripped black and white t-shirt and a denim jacket. Zhuri combined those with black pants and black shows. Her cat eye white sunglasses are the cherry on top. “How is my 3-year-old this fashionable though?!?! She asked if she could dress herself today for school. Man, what!! She’s AMAZING!! #PrincessZ,” the caption read.

Earlier this month, LeBron and Nike launched a new collection. He was inspired by African-American women.

“African-American women are some of the strongest people on Earth,” LeBron said.

“As someone who has a platform, because of what I do, I thought it was important to lend that platform to a group of people that I believe are under-recognized. Being the son, husband, and father of strong African American women, I felt like this was something I wanted to do for them and for all the strong women out there who are succeeding despite what might be stacked against them,” King James responded when reporters asked him about the collection and his real inspiration.

Well, being surrounded by smart and gorgeous women must be a thing, right, LeBron?

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