Patriots Players Have New Hilarious Nickname For Julian Edelman As He Returns

Julian Edelman returned to Foxboro, and his teammates are happy to have him back. He is been part of the Patriots family for nine years, and his four-game suspension came right before the start of the new season. The fun part comes when Patriots welcome the receiver with a new nickname.

We heard them calling him “Squirell” and “Minitron,” but this time fellow Patriots wide receiver used another nickname for Edelman. Matthew Slater used the new nickname after the receiver’s return to the field after his suspension.

“His personality is one of a kind. He’s always giving us a hard time, holding guys accountable. He just brings an edge to him. He’s always like that irritated uncle that’s like, ‘Ahhh!’ But it’s good. I think it’s good. We missed that. It’s good to have it back,” Slater said.

Does Edelman like being called irritated uncle?

“I don’t know. Who knows? I don’t know what Slate’s talking about,” Edelman said. Well, his teammates sure got it.

“Yeah, that’s the perfect way to put it. He’ll set you straight. You need that. He’s definitely that guy. You can’t get too high on highs, and you definitely can’t get too low on lows. He’s definitely a guy who will put you right in your place,” wide receiver Phillip Dorsett said with a laughter.

NFL Films caught a nice moment in the 2016 playoffs when receiver Chris Hogan congratulated Julian Edelman on setting the Patriots postseason receiving record. “F*** that. I want to win. Let’s go. I hate that,” Edelman responded.

“As a team, we need to hold one another accountable to do each other’s jobs, and he does that as well as anyone I’ve ever been around,” Slater said.

Edelman was able to catch seven passes for 57 yards Thursday night, and he is really serious about the game.

“It’s one of the main things about this place. You’ve got to be accountable for what you do here. You show that through practice, and I’ve been here for a while, and I’ve seen the veterans of the older teams transition to me being a veteran. You can only do that if you come in and you work. I expect people to work like I work,” Edelman said.

The receiver practices as hard as he plays on the field. Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore knows it best.

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