Skip Bayless Releases Epic Statement That Patriots Will Make Chiefs ‘Fall Back To Earth’

The Kansas City Chiefs have an excellent rating in the NFL, and it seems like the undefeated team is ready to challenge the New England Patriots. However, this sports pundit believes that their power will not last much longer. Skip Bayless has an interesting scenario in his head.

The Chiefs have been one of the greatest teams in the AFC in the first month of the regular season. They will play the Patriots on Sunday night, and it will be a game worth watching. Skip Bayless had a nice reasoning, and talked about the possible development of events during Wednesday’s edition of “Undisputed” on Fox Sports 1.

Mahomes and his teammates may win over the New England Patriots, but if you ask Bayless, he will say that the Patriots will give the Chiefs a reality check. He has a few great reasons to think this way. “Kansas City will fall back to earth with a thud from that magic carpet,” Bayless said.

Patrick Mahomes is not a rookie, but he is in the middle of his first season a starting quarterback. Head coach Bill Belichick feasts on inexperienced signal-callers. The Patriots are well aware of the strength provided by Chiefs’ offense. But, the Patriots offense has been equally dominant in the past two games. This is actually bad news for the Kansas City defense.

The Patriots have been preparing in the last few days, and they may actually surprise the Chiefs on Sunday.

Mahomes already expressed his excitement to face quarterback Tom Brady and the Patriots. He grew up watching their game, and it will be nice to see him challenge his idol.

The result of the Patriots-Chiefs matchup could help us make predictions over the AFC this season. Who will be the ultimate winner? We have a few ideas on our mind.

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