Watch: First Peak Turns Into Chaos During Tom Brady-Patrick Mahomes Debate

Sunday’s matchup between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs is already making headlines, and this episode of ESPN’s flagship show “First Take” was focused on it. Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman give their best to turn the tension into a fun game. It is all about the relationship between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.

Smith and Kellerman disagree on the matter. They have a different opinion on both Brady and Mahomes, and that’s what made the episode even more fun. Kellerman stands by Mahomes. However, this applies to the regular season only, and it does not include the playoffs. Smith was irritated by Kellerman’s choice.

Smith was furious! And when Kellerman mentioned the postseason, Smith opened his big mouth.

“We asked you a direct question. You gave us the answer. Don’t go in another direction … There’s a debate. We asked you a direct question, don’t take two sides. Tom Brady – now, the rest of the season, all the way. That’s my answer. It’s not Mahomes for me,” Smith said.

The debate got pretty headed, and moderator Molly Qerum screamed for a timeout. The discussion started again, and Smith confirmed his opinion. He goes with Brady. “I’m taking Tom Brady. It’s the New England Patriots. They are in the AFC East, Edelman is back and Josh Gordon is going to get even better with them, I believe this. Gronk is going to be there, we know the system they are familiar with,” he said.

Well, Smith knows how to roll. Nothing beats the fact that Tom Brady is the ultimate quarterback. He cannot be compared to an unexperienced quarterback. Mahomes may have an excellent game this season, but he is a beginner. Brady has been part of the NFL for 19 seasons. That says it all.

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