Report: Tom Brady Crosses Another NFL Milestones In Victory

Tom Brady made his first NFL start on September 30th, 2001, and the New England Patriots had high hopes for the great player. They had to hope, because Brady was their only solution. The quarterback had to enter the big game because his predecessor, Drew Bledsoe, suffered a terrible injury. New England was 0-2, and came off of a 5-11 season. The team thought that 2001 would be another lost year, and even Bill Belichick was put on the hot seat. The second-year coach had to face a serious challenge, and he was the one to chose Brady as a long-term backup to Bledsoe.

Belichick chose Tom Brady over John Friesz and Michael Bishop. The quarterback rewarded the head coach with a win over the Indianapolis Colts that day.

The quarterback won another 199 games, and his defeat over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football marked his 200th win in the NFL. Brady had the NFL record for regular season victories for quite some time. Peyton Manning and Brett Favre are in the second place with 186 regular season wins. They will need another great season to close the gap, and Brady does not even plan to stop. It is really possible that he reaches his 250th win.

Winning a game is a great thing, especially if you are as great as Brady. That is just raw talent. Brady is playing like a MVP candidate. He may be over 41, but Brady does not even think of stopping. The Patriots came off of a 13-3 season and a Super Bowl appearance. His season is impeccable, and we can already make guesses about his wins.

The Patriots are having a great season. They broke the losing tradition, and they are still the Super Bowl team we used to know and cheer on.

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