Watch: Tom Brady Gives Rare Career Admission In A New Video

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady just made a rare admission in a fresh video, acknowledging that his professional career will come to an end.

Well, Tom Brady may be 41, but he still plays like a star. Aging has nothing on him, and he is giving his best at the moment. His supermodel wife Gisele wanted him retired, but Brady is ready to give his best this season.

“The only thing that I want to do as I move forward beyond my football career is to teach people more of those things,” the TB12 said in reference to the training techniques supported by his company.

The quarterback spend most of his video reminding fans how much he is going to play at this age. “At 41, I’m in very uncharted territory. When you’re pushing the limits to get better, a lot of the time the limits push back,” Brady said in the video.

The quarterback entered his 19th NFL season, and he still plays at an exceptional level. In the past seven games, Brady threw 16 touchdowns, and completed 68 percent of his passes. The New England patriots are 5-2 at the moment, leading the AFC East.

Brady released a self-help book, The TB12 Method a year ago, and kept marketing his personal brand. He would not do the whole thing without the help of his business partner and body coach Alex Guerrero.
The behind-the-scenes video technique is added to Brady’s ongoing brand, and is also part of the in-depth documentary series, Tom vs. Time.

Brady is the brightest star in Foxboro, and retirement is definitely not part of his plans. Patriots are happy to have him, and they are actually thrilled to see him scoring. Brady is part of New England, and he is not going anywhere. Keep up the good job, Brady.

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