J.C. Jackson Reveals Mission With The New England Patriots

J.C. Jackson entered the most precarious stretch of the regular season any young professional player encounters. Jackson impressed everyone in his limited playing time for the Patriots, he is about to give some more in order to secure his role at the position New England deems a weakness.

The Patriots invested in the J.C. Jackson and his development, but this does not necessarily mean they are passing on a Super Bowl window. If the team gets the chance to sign a veteran cornerback, they will sure take it.

The Patriots have already explored the possibility to add Janoris Jenkins of the New York Giants and Gareon Conley of the Oakland Raiders. Well, pretty much every corner in free agency can attract the Patriots’ attention.
Jackson has to wait at the moment. Although he does not usually wait, he will have to do that this time.

Jackson spoke to Henry McKenna of the Patriots Wire, and used the opportunity that he has a bigger ambition for himself than just playing around. “It’s just the beginning. This is nothing right now. I’m not close to where I want to be at. I want to be remembered. I want to leave a legacy to my kids, to the youth,” Jackson said.

The Patriots sure know how to pick the brightest diamond in the rough during the draft season. they are experts in picking offensive players. Stephen Neal, Ryan Wendell and David Andrews became starters. New England keeps undrafted defensive backs on the active roster at a rate that is pretty higher than other teams. These decisions do not always work, but sometimes they do miracles.

Sometimes the Pats uncover a superstar. That was the case of Malcolm Butler in 2014. Butler played with Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner. The Patriots brought him on the field, and he helped them win a championship.

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