LeBron James Fires Warning Shot To Lakers Teammates Ahead Of Trail Blazers Clash

The Los Angeles Lakers are getting ready for the regular season, and LeBron James has a warning for his teammates before challenging the Portland Trail Blazers.

According to LeBron, the Lakers have a lot of improving to do prior the season-opener against the Portland Trail Blazers.

LeBron signed a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, and he is ready for the big debut on Thursday night. Head coach Luke Walton is encouraging the players to try harder, and he also mentioned a few new signings. LeBron criticized the Lakers defense in the build-up to the new season, and now he warns his teammates that everything needs to be improved in order to get off to a winning start. “We need to improve on everything. We are new to each other so we have to,” King James said.

He will definitely try to turn the Lakers into playoff contenders in his first year with the team. He is also thinking of the upcoming contest against the Trail Blazers. “It is out first game so it would be un-human like to not think about it but we still have a couple of days for the team to prepare,” he said.

“I was excited about the first pre-season game, from watching to playing, it is the first of 82 so it will be fun. There are four great teams playing, Oklahoma [City Thunder], Golden State [Warriors], Boston [Celtics] and Philadelphia 76ers so it should be fun,” he said.

Walton said that LeBron may be rested throughout the season in order to get 100 percent ready for the key matches.

“I didn’t have a number [of games] last year. I just go out and if my body is feeling good then I’m in. If my body is not able to perform at the level that I like to play for my team-mates then I won’t. I will be playing more than just the first half, 15 minutes, other than that I prepare myself for a pre-season game as I do a regular game. I prepare my body, my activation before the game before I even get to the arena,” the king of basketball said.

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