LeBron James Fortifies L.A. Mansion After Burglary Plot

LeBron James arrived in Los Angeles earlier this summer, and a team of burglars has already focused on his mansion. That’s why the king of basketball decided to boost the security at his LA home. Burglary is such a dangerous thing, and those guys can take everything out of your home.

King James brought a team of armed guards to patrol his house after being informed that he’s a target of a team of burglars. But, no burglary can ever scare the king. He solved the problem with ease, and his home is no longer unprotected.

As we already reported, the LAPD arrested four people who were involved in burglary acts in 24 homes of celebrities. They hit the houses of Yasiel Puig, Rihanna, Christina Milian and other top names.

According to police reports, the burglars had a list of 12 celebrity targets, and the name of the basketball star was on it. Matt Damon and Viola Davis were there, too.

LeBron is taking the situation with caution. He can’t let those people wander around his home. He has a wife and three young kids to take care of. The NBA star decided to provide a maximum protection, because his family is the most important treasure in his life.

Sources confirmed that LeBron has at least 10 armed security personnel at his LA home. Yes, he also engaged off-duty police officers. The NBA’s security team is also added to the protection plan.

Los Angeles Rams star Robert Woods is working with the NBA security team after his home was burglarized. Safety matters.

Police officers believe that the burglary crews are packed with more people, and they’re asking residents for leads to track down any suspects. Let’s hope that people in LA will be safe, because you can never trust a burglar.
Good job, Bron!

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