Look: Prince Amukamara Trades Jerseys With Tom Brady

The New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady defeated the Chicago Bears in the Week 7 contest, but the quarterback connected with Prince Amukamara after the matchup.

Prince Amukamara took to his Instagram account to post a picture of Tom Brady’s jersey that he got after the game. “Appreciate you brother!” read the caption, and Brady was tagged, too.

The quarterback autographed his jersey and wrote, “Prince, great player!” on the gift. There is a great possibility that Brady got Prince’s jersey after the game.

The Bears lost the game to the Patriots, and Amukamara finished it with four tackles and one tackle for loss. The quarterback was able to completed 25 of his 36 passing attempts for 277 yards and three touchdowns and one interception. Brady finished the contest with a 108.2 quarterback rating, and was intercepted by Chicago Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller.

Brady and Amukamara squared off in Super Bowl XLVI at the time Prince was playing with the New York Giants. He had one tackle in the game in Indianapolis. The Giants knocked off the Patriots, and this was actually the second time New York defeated New England in the Super Bowl.

Amukamara played at Nebraska before he joined the New York Giants in the 2011 NFL Draft. In his rookie season, Amukamara played in seven games, and recorded 14 tackles, three pass deflections and one interception. He was active in 13 games the next season. Amukamara capped off the season with 53 tackles, seven pass deflections and an interception. In 2013 season, he played all 16 games, recording 85 tackles, 14 pass deflections, one interception and two forced fumbles.

2014 was a bad year for Prince Amukamara. He played in eight games and recorded 46 tackles, 11 pass deflections and three interceptions. In 2015, he played in 11 games and recorded 63 tackles, 100 pass deflections, one interception and one forced fumble. In 2016, Amukamara signed a one-year deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars and started 12 games. Last year he played in 14 games and had 12 starts.

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