Newly Released Book Reveals Epic Tom Brady Drinking Story

New England Patriots quarterback star Tom Brady is the GOAT, meaning he follows a strict diet regimen. Brady is nothing like other people. The team won the Super Bowl and everyone would excuse all the parties and stuff. When the quarterback won his first Super Bowl against the St. Louis Rams, he celebrated in a completely different way. But, what about this drinking story?

Jeff Howe of The Athletic decided to release an excerpt of the book he co-wrote with Scott Zolak. “If These Walls Could Talk: New England Patriots” shows the lengths quarterback Brady was wiling to go to avoid getting very drunk, and also to convince his teammates that he was really drunk. Yes, that’s his drinking story.

The Patriots went to a Boston restaurant to celebrate their big win, and players started ordering pricey shots of Hennessy. That’s where Brady started enacting his plan.

“Brady recognized where the night was heading and got out in front of it. My father, Joe Howe, was the bar manager at Abe & Louie’s for years, and he worked the bar for that party. Brady pulled my father aside with a special request: When they order me a shot, please just give me a water. I’ll pay for the shot if I have to. I just can’t drink that stuff all night.”

This worked like magic. Willie McGinest looked at the sober quarterback and wondered “First, he takes over for Drew Bledsoe. Then, he wins us a Super Bowl. Now, he can outdrink all of us? What can’t this guy do?” This was the question that was dragged over the past two decades. There’s still no answer to this question.

Maybe Brady will honor us with an answer. The Patriots fans deserve to know the answer. And yes, we’d also want to know more about his other powers.

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