Patriots’ Danny Etling Making Top-Secret Special Projects While On Practice Squad

The New England Patriots beat the Indianapolis Colts during the Thursday Football Night match, and the win was filling headlines for days. But, what was Danny Etling doing at the 50-yard line of the Gillette Stadium? One thing stands for sure. The practice squad quarterback had his eyes fixated on the Colts.

Danny Etnling stood just a feet away from the New England Patriots football research director Ernie Adams. The two watched the Patriots’ opponents go through warmups, and Etling was really focused at Colts backup quarterback, and former Patriots draft pick Jacoby Brissett. Adams is someone you see watching the opposing team in pregame warmups.

But, the question is next. What was the Patriots practice squad quarterback watching for? Why did the rookie travel with the New England Patriots to road games against the Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars?

“Just trying to envision to see if you were the one playing. You want to find play clocks, you want to just figure out how you travel as an NFL player, how you want to prepare as an NFL player going into an opposing stadium, things like that. You want to take it very seriously, and you want to be thankful that you have that opportunity, that Coach lets you do it. It’s pretty much what you try to do. Just take advantage of every single opportunity you have to get better and learn,” Etling said.

They have me do some other things, and I have certain jobs, but I won’t really get too much into what those are. But I have things they look for me to do, and I have some things that I kind of do on my own to make sure I prepare,” the rookie added.

“Yeah, to an extent,” Etling said. “There are some things that guys will do. A lot of that is just to continue to get you to learn, to keep progressing and just to continue to get better and improve in a way that the coaches are looking for,” Etling said of his ‘tasks.’

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