Report: Los Angeles Lakers Expected Starting Lineup Vs. Mavericks

The Los Angeles Lakers had eight different players in the starting lineups this season.

LeBron James and JaVale McGee are the only players who were added to the starting lineup each game. The team is still trying to find the winning formula, and let’s be honest, they have been trying too hard to combine the “right” players. The team lost the last game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, and things do not look too well on the chart. LeBron James was sort of frustrated by the fact that his team lost five games so far, and he is definitely not ready to lose another game.

Brandon Ingram took his position in the starting lineup right after he came back from his four-game suspension. Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma were brilliant on his position. So, who is playing in the next game? LeBron and McGee are confirmed, and Lonzo Ball is sort of confirmed. Who will join them?

Ball develops an interesting dynamic, and he contributes to the game in a brilliant way. He played well during Rajon Rondo’s suspension, but could not fit well in the team after his return. Maybe focusing on Rondo somehow affects his confidence. So, yes, the Lakers will probably go with him.

“I’m not coming off the bench. I don’t know the lineup, but I know I’ll be in it,” Ingram said, and he will probably stay in the lineup.

Should we say anything about LeBron? Of course not. He plays well with his teammates, and some say that he is the only Laker to take the game seriously.

Kyle Kuzma is also a possible addition. He scored well when Ingram was out.

JaVale McGee is of great importance for the team, and he is definitely going in. His game is great this season, so there is no reason for the Lakers to put him in the starting lineup.

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