Rob Gronkowski Ends Travis Kelce Debate After Week 6 Game

Who is the NFL’s best tight end? Is it Rob Gronkowski? Or maybe Travis Kelce?

Those who supported Travis Kelce were left without words after the Sunday Night Football matchup. The New England Patriots are still recovering from their losses, but it is more than clear that Gronk is the NFL’s elite tight end.

The Chiefs tight end was able to catch five passes for 61 yards in the first half of the game. Gronkowski was not really productive as he logged just one catch for 16 yards. However, the second half was much better. Gronk took a 1st and 10 pass from quarterback Tom Brady at the Patriots 21-yard line and run 43 yards to the Chiefs 37. During the attempt, Gronk tossed defenders to the ground and helped set up the 50-yard field goal.

Gronkowski put an end to the Kelce debate. He is the ultimate tight end. Gronk and Brady played in a perfect sync, and had a game-winning drive. Gronkowski has the 500th reception of his career, and that’s something you celebrate.

“I would vote for Gronk 100 times out of 100. He is a spectacular player and made huge plays when we needed them. He got punt-viced on some of his routes, literally just running into two bodies. They are aware of him on every play. They make it tough for him, but he made the plays when we needed them. To catch the long one at the end and run by the guy — I think there were a few other times where I had him open. He’s doing a great job. I am just so proud of him,” Brady said during his appearance on WEEI’s Kirk and Callahan after the big win.

He just likes Gronk, and they play really well together. The same applies to Gronk. He would never play with another quarterback.

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