Rob Ninkovich Details How He Helped Edelman During Suspension

Julian Edelman was out of the field for the first four games of the regular season. He is back again, and the Patriots are thrilled to play with him at Gillette Stadium. The team will challenge the Colts for Thursday Night Football game.

Edelman wasn’t left alone during his suspension, and he received help from former Patriots defensive end Rob Ninkovich.

Ninkovich went on the Ex-Pats Podcast with Phil Perry, and talked about some of the workouts he did with the wide out in the last month.

“I’ve been rerouting him, running with him, doing all his running. I do the ball drills, so like, I’ll stand next to him and the balls coming in and I’m reading his hands and trying to strip it out of the basket. I’ll shadow his routes, obviously, I’m not a DB, but I’d shadow the route and as he catches the ball I would try and pursue and get the ball out,” the former Patriot said.

“I’d tell him to tuck it, put it away, and that was when we were all really tired. It was good stuff, it was good work. The first day it was 98 degrees when we were out there.”

Before the Patriots’ win over the Miami Dolphins in Week 4, former Patriots tight end and WEEI afternoon drive co-host Christian Fauria said that Edelman looks good in workouts with a former NFL QB. Ninkovich provided a promising report on Edelman on the podcast.

“He looked great. We would run, I don’t know how many routes. But we would do like a route tree, say, 12 routes in a row, like down the field, and like we would do like four reps, or five, six reps. So, we would get a lot of yards in. Maybe like 2,000 yards in of running,” Ninkovich said.

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