Stephen Gostkowski Reacts To Game-Winning Field Goal

Stephen Gostkowski booted the New England Patriots to a 4-2 score on Sunday Night Football after making a 28-yard field goal as time expired. This gave New England its 43-40 win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

It was a really strong game for the veteran kicker. He was able to nail all five of his field goals, including the 50-yarder to put the Pats up by seven in the fourth quarter. Gostkowski hit his extra points, too.

“I definitely felt in a groove on field goals tonight. Games like this when you get a lot of opportunities, you feel very involved in the game. To me it makes the job easier. Sometimes the hardest games are when you’re sitting around and you don’t know when you’re going to go out there. I’m used to it because we score a lot of points, we have a great offense. You hit the first one and it goes right where you aimed, it’s easy to get on a roll when stuff like that happens,” the kicker said after the game.

His 50-yard field goal put the Patriots up by a score, and then Patrick Mahomes reached for Tyreek Hill for a 75-yard touchdown on the first play of the drive to tie up the score at 40. New England took the ball with 3:03 to play and took it 65-yards to setup the kicker’s field goal. But, the zeros arrived, too.

“You’ve got to have confidence. With three minutes left, they have a good offense, so we want to end the game with the ball in our hands. I think we did a great job of executing. [Rob Gronkowski] made a big play right there and we were able to set [Stephen Gostkowski] up and he made a huge kick. He’s an awesome kicker,” James White said about the final drive.

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