Tom Brady Makes Bold Statement About Patrick Mahomes’ Career And His Own

NFL experts are raging over Patrick Mahomes at the moment. Mahomes’ career blooms this season, and the quarterback has piloted the Kansas City Chiefs to a 5-0 record.

Mahomes has a nice solution for opposing defenses. He threw for 1,513 yards, 14 touchdowns and two interceptions. The quarterback also posted a 112.7 passer rating. Yes, Mahomes’ career is a clear example for young talents in the League.

The New England Patriots will challenge the Chiefs on Sunday, and this will be more like a test for Mahomes and his team.

Brady is the ultimate quarterback in the NFL, and he has played with his Patriots for eighteen years. We all remember how he spent his first season backing up Drew Bledsoe. 2001 was his year, and Brady became the GOAT.

Mahomes spent his rookie season following the footsteps of Alex Smith, but if you ask Brady, he will say that the similarities of the beginning of their carers end here.

“Football was different then. I think now, in some ways, pro football is more glorified college football. Maybe the transition is a more similar game than what it used to be when I first started. I think football now, removing some of the physical elements of the game, it’s more of a space game, you see a lot of college plays more in the pro game than what I remember when I started. That’s kind of how things have went over the last bunch of years,” Brady said.

Mahomes and his team will definitely give the Patriots some hard time winning the game. Brady and the Patriots defense will face numerous challenges on Sunday.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is impressed by Mahomes. He praised the young quarterback and pointed out the fact that it will be difficult to slow him down.

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