Watch: Brady Celebrates Week 7 Win With Instagram Video

The New England Patriots defeated the Chicago Bears, and quarterback Tom Brady celebrated the big win in his good ol’ way.

The quarterback took to his Instagram account, and posted a video in which he praises defensive tackle Lawrence Guy. Both players are look for a 6-2 win. Tom Brady better get ready for the next big game.

“Another great win. 5-2, gotta get to 6-2. My boy Lawrence Guy,” Brady said to which Guy replied with “6-2 on the way.”

“Bills Mafia, here we come,” the quarterback followed.

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W with my man @thatlguy! #GrindOn

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The video also had Jonathan Jones’ highlight from the big win where he managed to pick off Mitch Trubisky with a one-handed catch. The interception resulted in a nine-play, 96-yard touchdown drive and a 55-yard catch from Josh Gordon.

“He was running kind of a deep end cut, and tried to throw it and he caught it in stride and ran over the safety and got back to about the one-yard line. It was an incredible play. So we really needed that. We got the interception. John picked the ball off. We had it, to go 96 yards, we’re talking about, come on, there’s the one, 96 yards, and we ended up doing it. It was good to have a four-minute offense and run a lot of the clock off,” Brady said of Gordon’s catch.

The quarterback completed 25 of his 36 passes for 277 yards and three touchdowns. Brady still believes the offense should improve even more.

“I think it’s just we’re going to have to keep getting better every week. I mean, I don’t think it’s next week or the week after that, but we need to make improvements. I think the more we’re on the field, the more we can practice, the more we can figure out where everyone fits and what we’re doing a good job at and what we’re doing a good job at in general, those will sort themselves out. You can build on things from week-to-week but I’ll certainly take building on the wins rather than losing games and being 5-2 after starting off 1-2 is a great place to be,” he said.

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