Watch: Colin Cowherd Describes The Lakers In Three Words

The NBA regular season is here, but the Los Angeles Lakers do not really have a reason to celebrate. They won just two games, and lost five. This is not the best scenario the team hoped for, and it is definitely the dreams LeBron James had when he left Cleveland earlier this summer. Colin Cowherd described the whole Lakers situation with three simple words.

So many people watch the games, hoping that the Lakers would eventually become contenders. But, it seems like critics were right. The Lakers have a lot to work on, and they cannot go on like this. Expert make predictions and do calculations, but the Lakers are far from making the playoff. Fox Sports 1’s Colin Cowherd closed his daily talk show, The Herd, with a segment where he talks about the NBA teams, and uses three words to express his opinion.

Cowherd believes that fans will cheer on their favorite teams, and sort of knows more about the favorites. He also criticized some of the teams for those who are just darkhorse candidates that make noise this season.

Cowherd is not the greatest fan of the Denver Nuggets. He also said that most the Golden State Warriors will no longer be at the top of the NBA world. Cowherd said that the Larry O’Brien Trophy will end up in the Eastern Conference. Yes, he was referring to the Boston Celtics. Well, it may be sad to admit, but the Los Angeles Lakers do not really have a chance to win it.

LeBron James had high hopes for the season, but that’s not how things work. His first seasons with every team were bad, so there is no reason for us to think that this will be somehow different. But, miracles do happen, and we have a tiny bit of hope that the Lakers will improve throughout the season.

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