Watch: Cordarrelle Patterson Rips Off 95-Yard Touchdown Return

If you ask Patriots fans about Cordarrelle Patterson, they will say that he is one of the brightest spots of the team.
Cordarrelle Patterson is a brilliant kick returner, and maybe he is the greatest kick returner in entire NFL history. He never makes a mistake, and we all know what that means: more scores for the New England Patriots.

The team is challenging the Chicago Bears, and Patterson fumbled a return against the Bears that resulted in a score for the opposition. But, everyone knew that he would redeem himself and fix the damage. Patterson actually did that. After the Chicago Bears took a 17-7 lead, they kicked off to Cordarrelle Patterson who took it back for a brilliant 95-yard touchdown to cud the lead back to three at 17-14.

This is the sixth return touchdown for Patterson in his NFL career, and definitely sealed his place on the Patriots team.

Head coach Bill Belichick is against fumbling, especially when it comes to returners and running backs. We have seen him taking players out of the game and even the season for being unable to hold onto the ball. Patterson is doing really great this season, but it will not come as a surprise for him to be removed out of his return role if Belichick was worried about recurring fumbling issues.

Patterson actually held onto the fumble, but was also able to score on the play. Well, that is why he was brought in the team. Patterson is a contributor as a receiver, but special teams are more of a thing regarding him. This spot was in doubt for a moment, but Patterson secured it for good. If he could not do so, Patterson would have been pulled out of the return game. but, he played this game nicely.

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