Watch: Devin McCourty Executes Impressive Strip On Colts RB Jodran Wilkins

The New England Patriots played with a reinforced “equipment” in the Thursday Football Night against the Indianapolis Colts. Their opponents had to deal with Tom Brady, James White, Cordarrelle Patterson, Julian Edelman and Devin McCourty.

In the team’s Week 4 game against the Miami Dolphins, safety Devin McCourty could not strip the ball from Miami running back Frank Gore. It was a rather unsuccessful attempt, but it seems like one of the McCourty twins learned his lesson.

The Patriots challenged the Indianapolis Colts in Week 5, and McCourty decided to try again. You know how they say, if you don’t succeed at first, go for another shot.

The good news is that the McCourty brother executed nicely.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck found his way to running back Jordan Wilkins through a short pass out of the backfield. McCourty met Wilkins, and wrapped him up. Wilkins tried to push forward, and McCourty had enough time to get his arm in, and take the ball from the carrier. The Patriots gained possession, and McCourty mastered his ripping technique.

New England had great success in Week 5, thanks to all the players who gave their contribution. The team was hit with two losses, but they found the way out. Head coach Bill Belichick did a few calculations, released some of the players, and welcomed a few more. It seems like the Patriots can finally play as a whole, and they are winning games again.

A Super Bowl team should never use, and the Patriots have already lost two games. But, they know how to stand on their legs again, and start winning their way to the Super Bowl.

Belichick must be proud of their clean game. Edelman got on the field after a year, and nobody noticed a mistake or whatever.

Game on, Pats!

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