Watch: Lakers And Rockets Get Into Massive Brawl

Things got really bad between the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets on Saturday. First, it was James Harden and his layup attempt that was waved off. LeBron James’ favorite, Brandon Ingram, shoved Harden after the play. It seems like everything was fine and things were finally settling down, but fans were shocked to witness the punches thrown by both teams.

Ingram threw a punch, and some of his teammates were ejected for instigating the fight, including Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul. What happened on the court?

Paul seemed to throw the first apparent punch, and Ingram rushed in with one of his own.

The NBA does not tolerate fighting, and things got really strict after the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers got involved in the infamous Malice at the Palace

In this fight, Ron Artest went into the stands, but no fans were involved in the brawl. However, the NBA took it serious and does not tolerate any fights ever since.

This brawl will bring a few long suspensions, and we can only make predictions on the matter. One thing stands for sure, Paul, Ingram and Rondo will probably miss a few games after this.

Ingram is in danger of a long suspension, and the Los Angeles Lakers cannot afford such “luxury.” LeBron’s favorite teammate was out of the fray, but then ran back in. It is really hard for him to say that he was actually caught up in the heat of the brawl when he was away from the play.

Nothing changes the fact that this was an unacceptable incident for both the Lakers and Rockets. Players need to control their emotions on the court, because the game suffers. These three players probably destroyed the chance to become contenders, and that is in no way good. Think about this, Lakers.

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