Watch: LeBron James Explains Why He Believes In Brandon Ingram

LeBron James is getting used to the play of his new teammates, but he is really fascinated with the game of Brandon Ingram.

King James helped the Lakers head into halftime, but Ingram led the team to its firs preseason win on Thursday’s matchup against the Sacramento Kings.

Ingram stepped up offensively and defensively, and was actually the main star for the team in the Lakers’ 128-123 win over the Kings. He played about 35 minutes, and finished the game with 31 points, ten rebounds, three steals, three assists and a block. Ingram shot 10-of-15 from the field, and was 11-of-15 from the free-throw line.

LeBron played in the first half and scored 18 points. He had three rebounds and four assists. The good news is that LeBron knew the night belonged to his younger teammate. He had a walk off interview, and raved about Ingram and his game.

“This is the year for him, I believe in him. Every big shot we needed, every big play we needed he made down the stretch, and I love seeing his growth,” LeBron said.

He told reporters that he’s thrilled to play with the young forward.

“I think he was great all game, not just in the second half. His pace, his ability to play the point and play the wing, he’s a very special talent and we’re definitely happy to have him on our side. He’s growing more and more every day. I know what I see in him, and he’s looking for his opportunity to make the next jump in his third year. There’s a lot of upside in that kid, and I’m happy to try to give him as much as I can,” LeBron said of Ingram.

This does not come as a surprise. LeBron was amazed with Ingram’s talent since the very first moment they played together. According to him, Ingram has the juice.

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