Watch: Tom Brady Hits James White For Second Touchdown Pass

The New England Patriots dominate the game against the Indianapolis Colts and James White is becoming one of the most dangerous running backs in the league.

The Patriots had 1:34 left in the first half of the Thursday Night Football contest against the Colts, and quarterback Tom Brady used the chance to hit White on a 6-yard pass. The running back scored a touchdown, and brought New England up, 21-3. This was the Colts’ worst nightmare.

The Colts expressed their fear of the game. Facing Julian Edelman, Josh Gordon and the rest of the guys? The Patriots are complete now, and they are definitely stronger than ever.

White was sensational in the first half of the game. He can easily turn into a pass catcher as he managed to haul in eight of his nine targets for 69 yards and a touchdown.

Brady’s game is impressive, too. The quarterback completed 20 of his 23 passes in the game for 176 yards and two scores. Cordarrelle Patterson had the first touchdown on the night. White has two touchdowns for two weeks. Pretty solid.

White had a strong game against the Miami Dolphins. He totaled 112 yards and played both runner and pass catcher positions. Let’s not forget his two touchdowns. Thursday is a big day for the first-year captain, and he’s picking up right where he left off.

When it comes to the defense line, the Patriots are blanketing the Colts. Andrew Luck was able to total 96 yards leading up to the score. The Colts are being held to just three points so far. T.Y. Hilton, Jack Doyle and Marlon Mack aren’t active in this contest, and the Patriots will not miss that opportunity.

They were ready for the challenge, and the Colts made things easier for them.

What will be the final score?

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