Colin Cowherd Makes Bold Statement About Tom Brady Being A System Quarterback

Yes, quarterback Tom Brady is the GOAT, and Colin Cowherd confirmed that.

Aaron Rodgers may be good, but Brady is much better than him. He has experience and awards. This discussion should not have been started. The Patriots quarterback out-dueled his rival, and completed 22 of 35 passes for 294 yards and a touchdown for the brilliant 31-17 victory.

Patriots fans also try to determine whether head coach Bill Belichick is a genius or is it just Brady and his talent. Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd started off the discussion, and has a nice opinion on the debate.

“(Bill) Belichick is a defensive coach, defensive coaches don’t have offensive systems do they? Offensive systems, systems in general get copied … but how come nobody else in the league looks like New England? Everyone copied the west coast offense, they still do, everyone copied the 46 defense, they still do, people copied the pick and roll, moneyball analytics … the wildcat for two years was red-hot. But how come nobody copies New England’s system? It’s funny, when the coordinators leave town and they go to new teams, the offense doesn’t look like New England’s, it’s so weird!”

We could not ignore the dose of sarcasm in his voice, but Cowherd made a good point. Many would say that the “system” can be attributed to Bill Belichick, and Cowherd has another opinion to share.

“You mean the Bill Belichick that had a losing record in Cleveland and was fired before Tom Brady? That system? The system that was 5-11 his first year in New England, with the great Drew Bledsoe? That system?”

“Let me describe New England’s system under Tom Brady … they’re smarter than you pre-snap, they are more precise and accurate than you, they are always better in the fourth quarter than you, they are more prepared than you, they are more coachable than you and more committed than you. If you want to call that a system, you can call it whatever you like … Tom Brady my friends, is the system. Belichick couldn’t win without him in Cleveland and New England, Gronk is irrelevant, not worth half a point, either was Welker, he left they got better … and even Edelman left and they got to a Super Bowl. Tom is the system.”

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