Bill Belichick Trolling Tom Brady After TD Pass to Josh Gordon is Hilarious (Video)

Congratulations to whoever decided to give us the pleasure to enjoy some of Bill Belichick’s greatest moments in the game between his guys and the Green Bay Packers. The Bill Belichick mic’d up was absolutely brilliant, and we bet that the creator did not even imagine that the whole thing would draw this much attention.

Yes, we know that head coach Belichick can be tough during games, but he is hilarious all the time. Did you notice the joy on his face when the team sealed its win with a touchdown pass to Josh Gordon down the sideline?

Quarterback Tom Brady went back to the sideline, and Belichick trolled him with the perfect question. That’s the very same question each of ask asked at home.

“Who were you throwing that to?” the head coach asked his favorite quarterback once he got to the sidelines. In the previous play, Brady threw a ball that went straight to Josh Gordon but got even closer to Julian Edelman who went for it. Edelman decided to go for the pass because he thought the ball was for him.

Belichick would not be this great if it was not for his sarcasm. This mix-up gave us a closer look to the real head coach. So, Belichick decided to joke with Brady. They have been together for over two decades, meaning they share almost the same sense of humor. According to the quarterback, he threw the pass to Gordon.

Having Belichick mic’d up was definitely thrilling. It was the most brilliant thing someone could have come up to during the regular season. We needed something to cheer on. Watching a NFL game is a stressful thing, and fans deserved this type of fun. Every NFL fan should be happy with getting more insight into one of the most mysterious figures in the league.

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