Los Angeles Lakers Media Goes Crazy For Tyson Chandler After Win

Is Tyson Chandler the thing Los Angeles needed? Of course. The Los Angeles Lakers were desperately trying to get a backup center. They sort of played well on both sides of the court when JaVale McGee was added to the game. But, the defense suffered a lot when he was sitting. Jonathan Williams have to work a bit stronger if he wants to hand with NBA centers, and Ivica Zubac is too slow and has problems with fouls.

That’s where Tyson Chandler jumps in. The veteran star was bought out of the final year of his deal with the Phoenix Suns in order to ink a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. That’s exactly what the Lakers needed at the moment. Chandler arrived right on time.

Buyout players usually join new teams in February in order to have more time adjusting to the new squad.

The Lakers will add Chandler to the game throughout the entire season, and will have to adjust to his presence as the game requires.

Chandler had his first game wearing the Lakers uniform, and the result was more than brilliant. The NBA media had some nice words to say during the magnificent win for the Los Angeles Lakers over the Minnesota Timberwolves. The newly added veteran suited up as a Laker for the first time, and he was more than excellent.

NBA fans were surprised to know that the veteran will not sit out the game and learn the system at a slow pace. The Lakers decided to throw him into the fire on the very first day, and it was one of the greatest decision they made recently.

The Lakers needed a backup center against the Minnesota squad with Karl-Anthony Towns at center position. The team does not have special demands on centers, so Chandler adjusted with ease.

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