Watch: Belichick Arguing With Refs While Mic’d Up Is Pretty Hilarious

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick wants the best for his team, and he even argues with refs if necessary. It is always great when you watch a Bill Belichick mic’d up, and for many this is an unforgettable experience.

Belichick usually keeps to himself about what is discussed on the gridiron, so every time he is mic’d up, it ends up with memorable lines. That was the case when Bill Belichick had a wire for Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” during the New England Patriots Week 9 victory over the Green Bay Packers at Gillette Stadium. At one point of the game, Belichick was giving out his best coaching advice, and in the other he exchanged heated banter with refs.

Bill Belichick is one of the greatest coaches in the entire NFL history. The Patriots may not be as awesome as they are without their head coach. Belichick may be strict, but that’s for the best of his team. He never tolerates mistakes, and may even release a player due to a minor mistake. We have seen him do that. So, every time he yells, players know that they are doing something wrong. No hard feelings, no nothing.

The New England Patriots have an impressive season. They lost just two games in the regular season, and that’s more than great. Fans were sort of disappointed every time the Patriots lost a game, but the team managed to get back on track really soon. They convinced people that nothing has changed. The Patriots are a Super Bowl team, and that will never change.

New England played well against the Green Bay Packers, and that’s how we all remember them. They are getting ready for the next game, and we are looking towards a brand new win. Are you ready for another celebration.

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