Tom Brady Tells What He Loves About Patriots’ Remaining Regular-Season Schedule

The New England Patriots have their regular-season schedule littered with primetime contests. Well, that was the case this time. Four of the team’s first 10 games were nightcaps. There are few perks to tilts of this variety, and the top among them is the opportunity to show off skills in the national spotlight. Patriots quarterback can do without all the glitz and glamour as he loves afternoon matchups.

One o’clock games, 4 o’clock home games, those are the ones you love to see on your schedule a lot. When you play the night games, even at home, it is 2 a.m. before I am getting to bed. If we’re on the road it is 4 a.m. I think the point is the night of the game, it is nice to get a good night’s sleep and you feel Monday is a productive day. A lot of these days, Monday, you’re slogging through the day. You’re pretty tired. You’re worn out,” Tom Brady said.

The New England Patriots have no primetime showdowns on the rest of their regular-season schedule. Four of the team’s finals ix games start off at 1 p.m. ET with 4:25 p.m. ET starts with the Minnesota Vikings (Week 13) and Pittsburgh Steelers (Week 15) being the only exceptions.

Brady has an extensive health regimen, and we are not really surprised that he puts great value in getting a decent night’s sleep. However, we do believe that the 41-year-old quarterback will survive if the team is tabbed with a late-evening postseason game. That would be interesting to watch.

The New England Patriots had a great season despite their awful game against the Tennessee Titans. They always play bad against weak opponents, and that was the case in the game against the Titans. Let’s hope that they will not make the same mistake again.

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