Watch: LeBron James Reveals The Fictional Basketball Player He Idolized As A Child

LeBron James did not have the merriest childhood, but he enjoys talking about the stuff that made him happy at the time. Now we know that he really liked Spike Lee’s 1998 classic He Got Game with Denzel Washington and Ray Allen. That’s when LeBron was impressed with his fictional basketball player.

Ray Allen played Jesus Shuttlesworth, a top high school basketball prospect in the country. Allen did not have many great roles since He Got Game, but he was perfect in this role. Many people fell for Shuttlesworth, including LeBron. He was his favorite fictional basketball player.

“Everybody wanted to be Jesus Shuttlesworth growing up. For me, personally, I did,” LeBron said.

LeBron is a great athlete who did a really good job at the time he went on the big screen. He got the chance to play with Jesus Shuttlesworth when Allen signed with the Heat and the very end of his basketball career. Allen’s time in Miami was accompanied with a lot of drama and fans talked about it for a really long time.

LeBron James is playing his best basketball at the moment. He joined the Los Angeles Lakers this summer and signed a four-year contract worth $154 million. He left the Cavaliers for the second time in his career, and was not booed at all. Moreover, Cleveland honored him with a welcome video and a standing ovation when he came in town to play against his former teammates.

Now LeBron has other worries on his mind. First, he has to find a way to play with his new team made of young talents and veterans. He will also have to determine his dominance on the court. Should he go for it? Or should he focus on ‘team work?’ These are the questions he will have to think about in near future.

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