Adam Schefter Exposes Key Event That Needs To Happen Before Tom Brady Retires

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady promised to play until he is 45, and fans could not be happier. Brady expressed his desire to be part of the field for that long, and we know that he is one of the greatest passers in the league. He may be 41, but he plays his best football. However, Brady will have to go at some point, and Adam Schefter talked about that.

Schefter went on WEEI’s Mut & Callahan Show to talk about Brady’s retirement. What if Brady retires by the end of the year? The quarterback has three children he would gladly spend time with. Let’s not forget that Brady missed the voluntary activities this spring just to spend more time with his family.

Truth is, nobody knows what is on Brady’s mind. When will he retire? “I think that he would like to see them have somebody in place to take over before he walks away. Do I think he would walk away this offseason before they have another quarterback to turn to? I am skeptical of that. But look, the guy deserves to walk whenever he wants. He’s done enough for that team. He owes them nothing, but there is still part of me that because of the person that he is, I don’t think he would just walk unless they had some solution in place,” Schefter said.

We do understand this. Brady will definitely need someone to replace him. That’s what makes him a great quarterback. The Patriots have already released two quarterbacks, including Jacoby Brissett and Jimmy Garoppolo. Brady played at an MVP level, and they knew that he would play for really long. The ultimate quarterback was of great contribution for the team. That’s why they kept him around. Let’s see if they manage to find someone like Brady.

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