Brandon Ingram Makes Bold Admission About His Status With Lakers After LeBron’s Signing

LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers this summer, but he still needs time to adjust to the game with his young teammates. Well, we would say that the young talents are still trying to find a way to play alongside such a great star, including Brandon Ingram.

The Lakers still build their chemistry on the court. If you ask Brandon Ingram about their game on the court, he will say that he and some of his teammates have quite a habit of watching LeBron too much late in the matchups.

“We slip into that, but also we trust the ball in his hands also. We know he’s going to make the right play for the team whether it’s shooting the basketball whether it’s passing the basketball,” Ingram told Ryan Ward of ClutchPoints.

Ingram also discussed his opinion regarding the team’s efforts to improve and avoid the trap. “I think we just have to do a better job of being ready. Moving without the basketball and moving to open spots, so we can be in open areas to make plays,” he said.

We can really understand the fact that the Lakers are still adjusting their game to their star player. But, they do play well despite this obstacle. The Lakers are now 11-8 at this time of the season.

Things did not go too well at the beginning of the season, but the Lakers have headed in the right direction. Head coach Luke Walton still hopes that the players will work things out and eliminate some of their bad habits.

The game against the Cleveland Cavaliers was their most emotional contest so far. It was not about winning, and we enjoyed seeing LeBron reunite with his former teammates. On the opposite sides of the court. But, that’s basketball. Let’s see what happens next time they hit the court.

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