Carmelo Anthony Makes Stunning LeBron James Claim, 76ers Also Mentioned

Carmelo Anthony would almost join LeBron James at the Los Angeles Lakers this summer, but it did not happen. ESPN’s Adam Schefter said that the Philadelphia 76ers are the best option for Carmelo.

The Houston Rockets had a bad start to the season, and won just five of their 12 games. According to latest reports, the Rockets are already trying to move on from Anthony who joined the team a few months ago. The 34-year-old shoots just 32.8 percent from three-point range, and also averages a career-low 13.4 points per matchup. Everything points to the fact that the Rockets will get rid of Anthony in near future. What is his final destination?

Anthony is related to LeBron James, and fans always talk how the two of them would join the same team in their professional career.

The Philadelphia 76ers have an open spot after trading Robert Covignon, Dario Saric, and Jerryd Bayless for Justin Patton and Jimmy Butler.

The 76ers general manager Elton Brand said they will not make a decision just to fill their empty spot.

If you ask Smith, Philadelphia is the perfect option, and also reported that Anthony can team up with LeBron in the summer.

“My personal opinion is that I think it would be the Philadelphia 76ers who don’t have a bench right now. You’re probably having TJ McConnell and MsCulla coming off the bench since your starting five is going to be Butler, Redick, Simmons, Embiid and probably Wilson Chandler. They say that the word out on Melo, if you look on the research, the last three years or so teams have been better without him on the court than they’ve been with him on the court.”

“When you consider that combined with the combustible egos that are in the locker room with Butler, Embiid etc… it’s a long shot that Melo would be landing in Philadelphia. They probably don’t want him right now according to what I’m being told, but that’s what I think would be the best situation for him. I was told be an executive in the league that if LeBron wanted him in Cleveland last year he would have been there. I was also told he had an opportunity to be in L.A. this summer but he had to commit to working hard and a willingness to come off the bench. And he never returned their call.”


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