Graphic Artist Makes Blackout Uniforms For The Los Angeles Lakers

This summer was filled with shocking stories and unexpected moves. LeBron James’ departure from Cleveland was definitely the biggest event, and the king of basketball sure got people talking about his game and the Lakers uniform.

LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this summer, and this was probably the best move in his professional career. Although he won just two games wearing the Lakers uniform, LeBron still hopes that his new team will become a contender.

NBA experts did not think twice before sharing their opinion on his move, and let’s just say that not everybody approved it.

Some of these experts were really devastated to see LeBron putting a Lakers uniform on, but hey, he knows what he is doing. That’s the only thing that matters at the moment.

This graphic designer got really into the whole thing, and even designed uniforms for every NBA team. this is one of his ways to catch the attention of every NBA fan across the globe. Well, he did a really good job.

Brian Begley threw together a bunch of different concept uniform designs for fans of all 30 NBA teams to enjoy. He even encouraged everyone to share their opinion on the designs. We were really surprised and shocked at the same time.

The Los Angeles Lakers are struggling in the regular season despite all the efforts to become contenders. Things just do not work for them. Blame it on the chemistry. Blame it on the new roster. There are so many excuses for their poor season. However, LeBron James is positive about the whole thing. He still believes that the team will improve over time. The Lakers are made of stars, but they just need some more time to get to know each other. That’s all. They are awesome players after all.

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