How Los Angeles Lakers Can Afford Kyle Korver

The Cleveland Cavaliers had a terrible start to the season, and their game is more like a nightmare. Their 1-10 record is something NBA experts would not even discuss. So, Kyle Korver and J.R. Smith are out, and we already know someone who can use them.

Kyle Korver may be of great use for the Los Angeles Lakers. The team is not really into the idea that shooting three-pointers is mandatory, but their 5-6 record says something else. The Lakers decided to add Tyson Chandler to the roster in order to fix some of the damage they suffered until now.

But, the front office better work on adding a shooter. The Lakers desperately need one. Smith is not even in question, and the team is already packed with different personalities. LeBron James may not be interested in reuniting with Smith after the terrible disaster in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

However, the addition of Korver makes sense. Korver knows a lot about the pressure that comes along with LeBron James. In other words, he will not need too much time to adjust. Korver is the perfect trade candidate.

Korver will be available for $7.5 million next year. The Lakers are trying to create a max salary slot for another star free agent in July. They do not need any extra cost to improve the squad. The Lakers are only focused on their big star, and they may not need someone else. However, playing smart is important here, and they can get both Korver and the free agent. Let’s see how will the front office handle the situation. Adding Korver will be a smart move, and the Lakers have to be more than smart at the moment. They lost too many games so far, so there’s no need for them to ignore this option.

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